Sunday, March 31, 2013

Class 3: Forever and a Day Ago - Updates and More

Wow. A lot has happened since I last updated my blog. Instead of regaling you with tales or knights, ninjas, and space folk, I’ll get right down to business. It’s been a busy couple of months for me. My day job has been pretty stressful and has kept me very busy. With that being said, I did manage to have a blast going through Class 2 with Marlon Nowe. He was an absolutely fantastic mentor who was full of information, insight, and knowledge. On the last day of class, he broke the news that he would be stepping down as a mentor indefinitely. I’m not sure if he’ll be coming back to teach more classes; however, I am extremely grateful that I managed to learn from him. I wish him the best of luck on Frozen (Disney’s next feature film) and whatever else he decides to do. Thanks, Marlon!

With Class 2 ending, it was time to focus on the next big hurdle: Advanced Body Mechanics. This term, my mentor is Dimos Vrysellas. He has quite a bit of experience in the animation industry and has held many different jobs (animator, supervising animator, director, etc). He is currently the Head of Animation at March Entertainment and his credits include: Open Season 2, The Wild, Emperor’s New Groove 2: Kronk’s New Groove, Shark Tale, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and The Road to El Dorado. He is classically trained, which is a huge bonus in my eyes. I’ve always loved 2D animation and at the end of the day, it’s the techniques that truly matter, not the medium. I hope to learn a lot from him and I’m definitely looking forward to this term!

In line with Class 3 news, this term will be slightly different from the last. This term gives us the option to go one of three routes, which is definitely something I’m stoked for. I decided to do something known as an AnimJam. An AnimJam is a group of three shots that share a similar theme and typically connect together. This way, they can be shown separately or edited together and will make sense. Although this is an awesome concept, it did take me a little longer to come up with a story because I had to think about how all three shots would tie together. Despite this small hurdle, I managed to come up with an idea that I think will work very well for this assignment. I’m extremely excited to get started. I’m hoping I can really push the poses and go for a fairly cartoon-like style while still maintaining a solid foundation of body mechanics. My idea for this shots uses a NEW character just released by AM. His name is Stan and he looks like he’ll be fun to animate. The back-story to this series of shots is: Stan the pyramid plunderer has just stolen from the wrong pyramid. Will he be able to make it out alive?

Stay tuned for more updates as the term progresses. I’m going to try and post fairly regularly. To round out this week’s post, I have embedded my progress reel from Class 2. Take a look and enjoy!

Happy animating!

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