Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Class 2: Psychology of Body Mechanics

It’s almost that time again. The time when the air smells fresher more refined, more elegant; or perhaps that’s just the smell of my animation workstation firing up again. Animation Mentor’s campus opens up tomorrow at 3pm EST and I am ready to dive in and start animating. Luckily, AM provided us with the syllabus that we would be using for the next term, which means that I could leisurely read it and see the three different types of assignments we would be working on this class. It looks like it will be an explosive and incredible twelve weeks.

Prior to finishing the first term, the AM staff created a form to seek Peer Buddies for the next term. Basically, a Peer Buddy is assigned one student from a lower class and provides support, feedback, and encouragement throughout the twelve weeks of the term. I signed up to be a Peer Buddy, and I am super stoked to help out a student! I will find out who’s Peer Buddy I am by the third week.

With AM’s new registration portal, students are able to choose their mentor. I’m still a little awestruck that I managed to get the mentor that I did. His name is Marlon Nowe. Now, you may not know who he is, but he’s worked on some incredible films. He has worked at Blur Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studio (where he currently resides). His credits include: Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, Bolt, Prep and Landing, Paperman, Super Rhino, Tick Tock Tale, Gopher Broke, Gentleman’s Duel, and many more! So awesome! I can’t wait to learn from a Disney animator; I’m sure I’ll learn a lot!

Keep and eye out for my first post of the second class. It will likely happen this weekend after the first assignment is due.

Until next time, happy animating!

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