Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 11: Personality Walk Polishing

Despite my last post being late, this one is on time! Woo! This week’s assignment is the last one for Class 1. Holy cow. This week focused on exaggeration and weight of a character to really help sell the character’s personality. Is the character heavy? If so, then the feet will likely be splayed and during the passing position, the character will center their weight more over the supporting leg than if they were lighter. But, this isn’t the only thing to look for when carefully crafting a personality walk. Timing, spacing, and rhythm are all equally important. As they say, timing and spacing in walks are as important as bouncing balls. With the vanilla walk, the timing was fairly straightforward. Every third frame, a key would be set with a different pose. With the personality walk, the timing could be pushed, or exaggerated. Instead of taking 3 frames from the extreme down to the passing, why not try 4 or 5 frames? How about carrying that over from the passing to the extreme up? That way, the character takes much long during the swing through than they do for planting of the foot.

All of the concepts intertwine to create a personality walk. Playing with the timing and spacing and exaggerating poses will truly help define a character and bring them to life. There’s nothing better than connecting with a character on screen.

So, without further ado, here is the final animation assignment for the term. This week was focused on polishing the personality walk and then sketching poses for balance.

Animation: Personality Walk

Sketchbook: Balance

Sketchbook: Stu Pose

Stay tuned this week to catch a glimpse of my progress reel for Class 1! Hope you have had a good time following my progress. Take care and happy animating.

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