Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 1: Introduction to Animation

It’s nearly week 2 already, which is hard to believe. The first week was an absolute blast! We finally received full access to the site and got to view all the content that AM has to offer. Perhaps the highlight of the week was the first Q&A session. This was where I met my mentor, Don Kim, as well as other students in the class. It was simply amazing meeting my classmates. There are a total of eight students and we all have varying degrees of animation knowledge. Each person comes from a different walk of life and we all have different reasons for attending AM. I was surprised by how many classmates attended a four-year university and weren’t happy with the instruction received there. It’s so cool finding the similarities and differences between each of us. I can’t wait to help them improve by critiquing their work and offering suggestions.

There was no assignment to turn in this week. We were instructed to set up our profile and avatar, which I had done on the first day of gaining (limited) access to the site during the summer. This week, I’ll be venturing out to public places with my sketchbook to begin quick poses of people in various locales. The whole point of this assignment is to begin to look critically at poses, ensure a strong line of action is present, and create strong silhouettes. My drawing skills may be (AKA most definitely are) a little rusty, so this is a perfect opportunity to begin getting in the habit of drawing daily, while continuing to train my eye.

Have a great week and happy animating!

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